Jack 13 years old

Jack 13 years old Jack has been desensitized to peanut and receiving the maintenance dose. His mother reports: “In just a six month period, my son’s life has changed dramatically. Diagnosed as an infant with a severe peanut allergy, he has lived his life in fear of a fatal allergic reaction, avoiding all baked goods 

Dana 17 years old

Dana 17 years old Becoming part of this study has been remarkably life changing. Before I learned about the treatment, I had to be particularly careful about everything I ate. Being in the program now, I’m still cautious, but I know it works. On a recent trip overseas, I accidentally ate crackers with peanuts in 

Noah 9 years old

Noah 9 years old Hi, my name is Noah. I am 10 years old. My mom discovered my peanut allergy when I was 1 year old. My doctors said that if I were exposed to peanuts, there was a 95% chance that I would have a reaction. I was the first patient in the food 

Ella 6 years old

Ella 6 years old Our daughter Ella was diagnosed with severe food allergies at age 2 (She is now 6 1/2) – peanut being her most severe as we witnessed it first hand when she went into anaphylactic shock from a jelly bean size amount of peanut butter. Our world changed quickly as we were